Rose “Osang” Fostanes latest performance on X Factor Israel

Osange performed “Born this Way.” The performance was powerful and charismatic. Ivri had some issues with it, I don;t speak Hebrew so I have no idea what he said. The only thing I can guess is maybe it is her accent? Here is the Reshet’s YouTube release. Listen and jusge for yourself.

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  • David says:

    My transcript:

    Shiri: “Rose”
    Shiri: “Did you see what happened here; here in the studio?”
    Shiri: “OK! Let’s see what the judges say?”
    Shiri: “Ivri?”
    Moshe: “I’ll tell you something”
    Moshe: “I am first! I am first”
    Shiri: “He is first”
    Moshe: “Finally we’ve seen something new, something entertaining, moving, happy, dacing”
    Moshe: “It was fun.”
    Moshe: “And good job!”
    Moshe: “Had she sung another song like before I would have said it was boring”
    Moshe: “I liked it alot.”
    Ivri: “I really like, hmm, what I really liked is the meaning, the lryics of the song”
    Ivry: “I think they are very much fitting”
    Ivri: “On the other hand, I have a little issue with”
    Ivry: “Because, Rose, going forward with this career in Israel”
    Ivry: “She won’t sing these kind of songs”
    Ivry: “They are not right for her. It’s not who you need to be”
    Ivry: “I really have this feeling, going forward, ”
    Ivry: “I have this feeling that since the auditons, Rose, from the throat view, we’ve been hearing the same song”
    Ivry: “I feel like it’s one long song.”
    Ivry: “I am dying to hear Rose sing something soft”
    Ivry: “I really want to hear her with some softness to the lyrics”
    Ivry: “You can’t have an entire concern that’s all like that”
    Shiri: “I understand what you are saying”
    Shiri: “For example, Beutiful, the first song she sung was very soft”
    Ivry: “No, not that the song is soft, that her singing is softer”
    Ivry: “She just needs to so a little more diversity in her singing, that’s all”
    Ivry: “She always gets to this one position and stays there”
    Ram: “I also”
    Ivry: “I just want something a little different”
    Rami: “I also want what Ivry want”
    Ram: “I mean, it was cool; I love her microphone”
    Shiri: “Rose is a star”
    Shiri: “She is a diva!”
    Rami: “I keep looking at the microphone”
    Rami: “ooh, and I really loved; I really loved that Rose was a little different”
    Rami: “But still, I am still asking to hear Rose sing something more relaxed, softer”
    Bar: “Ok. let’s hope she continues on in the show so we could hear something different next time, maybe”
    Bar: “Someone told me, Rose, that you were in the Kotel, the Wailing Wall?”
    Rose: “Yes, I spent my Christmas there with my mates”
    Rose: “Since my family is not with me”
    Rose: “So, we went there to pray”
    Bar: “And may I ask you what did you ask? did you ask for something in the new year?”
    Rose: “hmm, first the, the good health of my family. I wish they are always in good health and they are safe”
    Shiri: “Rose! wait a second. You didn’t ask to win the competition? Like “I am going to be the big winner of the X Factor in israel”?”
    Rose: “No, I asked also in the Kotel that I could perform good”
    Shiri: “Yes, you are right”
    Bar: “To vote, Rose’s number is 21″
    Bar: “Thank you very much Rose, we will see you later”
    Bar: “She is so gorgeous!”

  • IRENE says:

    clap clap..bravoooooo osang,,your so amazinggggggg!

    go go go for the X-FACTOR GRAND FINALIST.. GOOD LUCK!

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